Tips for Best Clean #3

Before you buy

We know it sounds obvious, but please always check that your dress can be cleaned. If your dress has had beads or sequins added after it was made check that this does not affect the cleaning instructions on the care label. Some beads and sequins can ‘melt’ when put into cleaning solvents. Please take extra care if any beads are added and always store your dress away from light as UV rays can cause dyes in the fabric to become unstable and run when cleaned.

On your Wedding Day

If you should spill something on your dress NEVER rub it. Blot the stain with a colour free napkin. Rubbing causes damage to the fabric and can result in faded areas after cleaning.
Most of all enjoy your day and don’t worry too much about your dress – let us do that for you afterwards!

After Your Wedding Day

Have your dress cleaned as soon as possible after your big day. Stains that are left on fabrics can oxidise and cause long term damage that is (unfortunately) irreversible.

We can arrange for our fully insured Courier Service to collect your dress from anywhere in the country the day after you Big Day so we can get it back and begin the cleaning process immediately if required.