Wedding Dress Cleaning Wolverhampton #3

Your wedding dress will most probably be the most valuable and treasured dress you will ever wear, and naturally you will want to keep it and preserve it as a memento of your big day.

But remember, it is very important to have it cleaned by a specialist wedding dress cleaner before you store it away. Even if it looks pristine, there will be invisible moisture and perspiration locked in, which over the years will cause staining to the fabric and damage the fibres.

We at Select Services are wedding dress cleaning specialists which means we have the specialist experience and the latest technology which will give you better results than any traditional dry cleaner – without the toxic chemicals or high temperatures that can damage the delicate fabrics and beading.

We offer 2 Wedding Dress Cleaning Services:

  1. You can either bring your dress into the shop
  2. You can request a courier service and have the dress collected and delivered back.

If you plan to keep your dress for posterity we can provide a Boxing Service where it can be protected and stored away from damp and light.

Choose the professional wedding dress cleaning service. Choose Select Services.

Simply fill in the Cleaning Cost Estimator Form with your information and someone will call / email you back with a price, you can then decide if you want to bring the dress to us or call our Office Angels and they will arrange collection / delivery.