Textile Restoration #3

Service Overview

“Through a shared vision, we are committed to respect and serve the needs of our team members, customers and community with the highest degree of quality, empathy and integrity in all aspects of our business”

The Business Drivers within our industry

As experience grows and lessons are learned it is clear that for the foreseeable future the management of the supply chain will continue to be in an almost permanent state of evolution. As a result of this constant change, there has been a natural progression towards integrated transparent working and cross communication between members of the supply chain.

As a result of this cascade of transparency through the supply chain, we are at a point where even subcontracted specialist services have to be properly integrated and compliant.

Textile Restoration Specialists

We are a network of highly trained professional textile restoration experts, born out of the evolutionary change experienced by the Insurance industry.

By taking responsibility for the textile element of a contents claim; representing over 23% of the contents value of the home, we have made huge savings for insurers.

The network delivers a fully compliant national service with a focus on consistency, accountability and empathetic award winning customer service.

The Evolution of Textile Restoration Services

Historically the decision as to whether textiles could or could not be restored was made by the Disaster Restoration Technician or Loss Adjuster. If the decision was made to restore, then the items were generally gathered (normally in black plastic bags) and taken to a local laundry or Dry Cleaner.

However, from our experience, the typical high street launderer / Dry Cleaner is not equipped to handle the sudden volumes of work which can arise from a domestic loss, or they have limited understanding of how the insurance industry works and what its needs are. An understanding which is essential to ensure a cohesive representation of the Insurers’ brand.

This lack of understanding left the door open for complaints relating to quality of the restoration work, curtain shrinkage or simply a query over perceived missing items.

Over time, these issues have naturally lead the industry to perceive that attempting  to  restore  textiles  can  lead  to  hassle  –  as  a  result  we estimate that less than 17% of textiles that could have been restored are even considered and a large amount are simply CASHED OUT.

We have worked diligently to change the perception of this specialist service and our success was recognised at the British Insurance Awards 2005 when our network received the Service Provider of the Year Accolade.

Facts and Figures

Industry Findings:

  • The average family accumulates over £41,000 worth of contents.
  • According to our research and studies 23% of the contents of a house and can be restored using our specialist restoration techniques.
  • Based on our supporting evidence; the cost to restore versus replacement is 16% or 51% of indemnity settlement – this equates to an 84% / 49% saving, to the insurer, respectively.
  • If you averaged out the claims carried out by our network, it is estimated that each claim saved the insurer approximately £8,700 over replacement.

During the floods of 2007:

  • We pulled textiles from 45 losses where we were invited to attend at an average cleaning cost of £900 compared to an estimated replacement cost of £5,600 per claim.
  • We estimate that during the floods of 2007 £125 million of textiles were disposed of where they could have been restored for less than £20 million.

The Evidence:

Item                                                Replace (£)                 Restore (£)

John Lewis M-to-M Curtains             615.00                          62.00

Next Skirt                                         19.99                             6.50

Giorgio Armani Suit                        1500.00                         12.50

Donna Karan Dress                          450.00                          12.50

Marks & Spencer Trousers                40.00                            6.50

*prices may vary from market to market


How does the service add value?

We operate a unique comprehensive Textile Restoration Service tailored to the needs of our Clients whilst ensuring complete satisfaction for the policy holder. Textile Restoration, means the single largest area of contents is being captured and documented to the same standard as the remainder of the claim. We operate under FSA guidelines and produce management information as requested by our Clients to ensure and prove a seamless and professional service to the policy holder.


We can provide a nationwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year service anywhere in mainland UK.

Claims Assignment

  • 24/7 Central Handling
  • Direct to local office

Service Levels

  • Contact a policyholder within 2 hours of receipt of a claim and liaise with all parties in the supply chain to establish a convenient time to visit the site.
  • Be on-site within 24 hours for urgent claims
  • Carry out a ‘homeowner interview’ to ensure we are meeting the needs of the customer
  • Comprehensively capture the entire loss – including unwanted or total loss items. This prevents the temptation to make a fraudulent claim and prevents leakage.
  • Identify and process emergency items (e.g…  School or work clothes) preventing the need for emergency payments.
  • Provide a detailed report within 24 hours of site visit and await authorisation.
  • Process the items – identifying any that do not respond to cleaning. These are listed as non-selvedge and removed from the invoice.
  • Return the items to the room from which they came.
  • Confirm the customers complete satisfaction with the work before issuing an invoice.

The Service Guarantee

We work in partnership within the Supply Chain on every claim and all claims are handled to the highest degree of efficiency and empathy for the policy holder. All our service teams are fully trained to understand the industry needs and consistently deliver a service ensuring complete peace of mind to both the Supply Chain and the policyholder.

Best of all “if the items doesn’t restore to pre loss condition we don’t charge a cleaning cost for it”


For further information please send us a message via our “Contact Us” tab or call our Customer Service Department on (01902)735300