Our 8 Stage Process #3

“Select Services Award Winning 8 Stage Cleaning Process”

  1. Inspection: Garments are thoroughly inspected when brought in and again before cleaning. This includes button or ornamental protection or removal, identification of defects such as rips, staining, etc.


  1. Stain Removal: Stains are treated by our dry cleaning staff prior to cleaning using advanced modern techniques and chemicals.


  1. Cleaning: All cleaning (Dry-cleaning, Laundering and Specialist Hand Cleaning) is carried out on site by our staff using advanced techniques and incorporating the latest technology and the purest of cleaning solvents. We do not send cleaning away to an Industrial Dry Cleaners like many of our competitors and WE HAVE INSURANCE COVER FOR EVERY GARMENT IN OUR CARE!!!


  1. Steam Finishing: After cleaning items are put though a Steam finish to eliminate odour and creasing making the garment easier to work with.


  1. Hand Finishing: Years of experience and practice means our pressers produce the highest standard to your specific requirements.


  1. Minor Repairs: Loose or missing buttons, loose hems, if there is a minor repair required our staff will endeavour to fix if possible if not we have our own in house Seamstress who can undertake any repair or alteration


  1. Inspection: Every garment is formally inspected in staggering detail by our quality control to ensure that it is at its very best before being returned.


  1. Packaging: We use custom hangers, dust covers and quality robe to make sure your garment is protected and ensure that when you come to wear it it’s in the best possible condition still.


This system has been developed by us to give you an Award Winning Clean