Dry cleaning #3

At Select Service we try exceptionally hard to meet the dry cleaning requirements of our customers with a combination of hand finishing, on going training and the latest in technology this is why we have become Wolverhamptons very own Award Winning Dry Cleaner.

Our Award Winning process includes 8 stages of cleaning, starting with a carefully examination during which loose buttons and minor faults are mended, and ending with a thorough final inspection.

Nowadays there seems to be a swing towards using Newsagents, Post Offices, Off Licenses, General Stores, Petrol Stations, etc for a cheaper, all be it a lesser Dry Cleaning service.

The problem with this service is these people are not skilled in textile care and in most cases do not have adequate insurance to cover such eventualities as damage or loss. ALL our Dry-cleaning is carried out in our premises. The major difference between us and these competitors is we use clean solvent to clean garments. Cleaning clothes in dirty solvent is like taking a bath in dirty water, or worse. Imagine taking a bath in somebody else’s dirty water.

Your garments do not leave our premises so we do not loose possessions and where we offer 24 / 48 hour service as standard these offer 7 to 10 days!

Other factors to consider when using other dry cleaning services:

  • Do they have Insurance that covers your garment should anything happen whilst in your care?
  • You have a contract with the shop keeper not the dry cleaner, the shop keeper thinks the dry cleaners insurance will cover him for taking and receiving clothes –  WRONG!
  • Your garments are collected in a van that collects from multiple premises all around the country. These items are then cleaned together and delivered together making it highly likely items will get lost or mixed up!
  • Why does it take so long? Where you take your garments to is what is commonly called a “Route” this means they are collected and delivered there once or twice a week so  this depends on how long you’re without your clothes
  • Does the “shop” you use have documentation to prove the cleaners you use are qualified and insured?
  • If your clothes are ruined / lost  who will compensate me? The shop owner will say the dry cleaner, the dry cleaner will say the shop owner and it will probably never be sorted out. The truth is you have a contract with the shop owner for a service so its up to them to reimburse you for the item and any losses you have incurred as a result so good luck!

If you care about your garments and require a cleaning service with guarantees of satisfaction, no lost items, 24 & 48 hour services as standard, cleaned by trained staff who have textile knowledge with years of experience and most of all piece of mind that should anything happen whilst in our care we are fully insured then choose Select Services.