Curtain/Household Cleaning #3

Looking for curtain cleaning service?

A Service which can include taking down and re-hanging your curtains, pelmets, swags and tails?

Curtains are almost always seen in houses and are mostly made from fabric. It is essential to clean them regularly, to prevent dust from accumulating and trapping the dirt onto the fabric reducing the life of the window dressing.

At Select Services we have a specialised dry cleaning process which allows us to dry clean all curtains / window dressings with minimum amount of  shrinkage – if any (on first clean 99% of curtains will experience shrinkage due to the inherent nature of the fabric or because it was not pre-shrunk correctly during production)

There are many benefits to having your curtains / window dressings dry cleaned. Firstly, dry cleaning your curtains help to preserve the quality of the curtain, and to allow it to have a longer lifespan, it also prevents shrinkage and the formations of wrinkles on the curtains compared to the outcome when using washing machines and dryers. Other than that, the solvent used in dry cleaning acts as a powerful reagent which is able to remove any stubborn or tough stains which might have stained the curtains and it is also able to remove moulds or fungus growth as well as bad odour. All these will ensure that your curtains are sparkling clean.


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